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RC Hill Publishing

Web site design

Reasonably priced web site construction.  

Paperless publishing: PDF, e-books, ect...

Traditional commercial and digital printing.

Small and home based business owners

We provide small and home based businesses with affordable publishing, printing, Internet and marketing services.


We supply up front pricing with no hidden charges. For those needing creative services, you’ll be asked to complete a detailed questionnaire to ensure your project meets or exceeds your expectations.   

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Our pricing philosophy stems from an old family motto, “a fast nickel, is better than a slow dime”. It’s better to charge a fair price and make a smaller profit (fast nickel) and earn your repeat business instead of a premium price, making a larger one time profit (slow dime). We don’t guarantee to be the lowest price, but we do guarantee value and attention to detail.


Our primary focus is small and home based business owners. Some of our products have been standardized, which allow us to offer products or services that many small or home base businesses might not otherwise afford. However, we can provide competitively priced customized items. We have agreements with various printers across the country to provide quality, low cost printing rates to our clients.


We implement strategies to keep our advertising and other operating cost low. We use Paypal exclusively to accept online payments which allows us to reduce cost, increase transaction security, while providing convenience to our clients.   

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